Saturday, April 26, 2008

Preparing for China, and more

I leave for Beijing, China on Friday, May 2 for two weeks of teaching management skills to about 140 hospital managers along with HDI founder, Dr. Rufi Macagba. Our 150-page training manual is translated and ready, and so are we. This will be an opportunity to bring organizational and management skills to those working in rural hospitals where the conditions are extremely challenging and the opportunities for making a difference are palpable. We'll be doing a five-day course in Beijing first, and then traveling to a city where the leaders of an 800-bed government hospital have asked for more intensive training.

In the past two weeks, another invitation to China has emerged from an altogether different source. The International Hospital Federation (Ferney, France) has invited HDI to return to Beijing in November for a four-day management course designed for managers of TB programs throughout China. This effort is supported, in part, by a grant from Eli Lilly and Company, the global pharmaceutical manufacturer. I'll be training trainers from four other continents in addition to the Chinese managers, and the workbook will be printed in Chinese, Spanish and French.

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