Friday, February 27, 2009

A Look Back; a Look Ahead

2008 has been a landmark year, but 2009 already holds great promise for Health Development International. Check out the annual report link on the left side of the home page for a look at where we've come with workshops, growing invitations for service, new volunteers and an expanding donor base. HDI is gaining recognition for its unique mission, despite the global economic challenges (or maybe because of them...)

As we look ahead, let me share a few highlights that we'll be telling about in the next annual report:
  1. We're planning teaching and consulting trips to Cambodia, Romania, China and India in 2009.
  2. Volunteers will be joining on three of these trips, so we're starting to expand our capacity for service.
  3. We'll have our second Volunteer Orientation in May, hoping to train another 10-15 volunteer healthcare managers and consultants.
  4. We're building relationships with other organizations like the International Hospital Federation, the International Training and Education Center on HIV, the Global Health Council and others. These relationships are likely to pave the way for more relevant invitations and meaningful collaborations around the globe in the coming years.
  5. Our client in China will also be sending a delegation of hospital executives to the Philippines to see the hospital of HDI's founder, Dr. Rufi Macagba. Visits like these help executives visualize the effects of sound management and inspire them to share ideas with their own hospitals.
We continue to get inquiries each month from healthcare organizations around the world. Thank you for helping us respond to them through donations and volunteer commitments. We hope that future funding sources may include contracts and grants as well.


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