Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Team Impacts Rural China Hospital

A team of five HDI volunteers just returned from DengFeng Hospital in rural China with an encouraging report of their efforts to refine the nursing practices at the 800-bed hospital. HDI volunteers serving on this visit were Judy Van Dam, Vicki McClelland, and Annetta Torre. Dr. Jim Van Dam and Kellen Van Dam accompanied the team.

The hospital's goal is to develop a patient-centered nursing model for better quality and continuity of care. The HDI team focused on re-defining roles so non-nursing functions can be delegated to lesser-trained staff, freeing the nurses to perform more highly skilled tasks. A subsequent visit is planned to refine acuity assessments and develop systems for managing a panel of patients. Annetta Torre will return in April with Maryanne and Richard Kruszewski to advance the project to the next stage.

President Li of DengFeng Hospital thanked the team for their work and affirmed the improvements in the nursing department. He also expressed the desire for more management training in other departments at his government hospital.


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