Monday, April 4, 2011

The Second Most Important Trip Of My Life

I just returned from the Dominican Republic where I got a glimpse of the vision I've been pursuing for over a decade. I looked into the heart of a self-sustainable healthcare organization that serves only the poor. The model works, and it is replicable. In fact, Medical Ministry International has grown in 25 years to now serve 500,000 poor people per year around the world, and they have a vision for expanding that reach by exponential factors.

What's more, they are inviting HDI to develop a model for training leaders and managers to help in the expansion, with internal sustainability at the core. We're beginning to explore options for graduate-level training and research programs to build enduring and scalable healthcare delivery systems to serve the most vulnerable segments of the global society, with the poor paying their own way. Stay tuned for a wild ride.

So why am I calling this the second most important trip of my life? The first trip was in 1999 when I became engaged with the Dr. Luca Medical Center in Romania. That's when I realized what I'm here for. That's when I recognized, and accepted, a call to bring wise management to healthcare organizations in developing countries. I've been climbing a mountain ever since, and now I think I have caught a glimpse of the summit. The hardest part may be yet to come, but the view will be worth it. 


At April 11, 2011 at 5:34 PM , Blogger Jeff said...

Excited for you and the impact you have already made and will make Ken!


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